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French Montana – Coke Boys 4 Mixtape


Back with another addition to the Coke Boys mixtape series you might as well grab a surfboard and just ride the wave.  Lil Durk appears on 6 tracks after being signed to the group in 2013.  Check it out on


#Beyonce feat. #BustaRhymes #AzealiaBanks – #PartitionRemix


A mix of Texas trill and New York swag on the track. Beyonce delivers a sexually charged alter ego type sound. A bit different from the Beyonce we all are used to hearing on her latest album. On this remix you get a slick mouth from both Busta Rhymes and Azealia Banks.

“Driver roll up the partition pleaseeeee..” – Beyonce

Take a Listen:


Future feat. Young Scooter – How Can I Not [Prod. Metro Boomin]


New mixtape from Future & FreeBand Gang “No Sleep” hosted by DJ Esco and Future.  Features Young Scooter, Shad Da God, Starlito, Jim Jones and others.

“I appreciate you..” – Future   🙂

Take a listen, How can you not??  :


Rick Ross Wins Case Against Freeway Ricky Ross/ Bound 2 Remix


Looks like Rick Ross (born Williams Leonard Roberts) got this one! After the original Freeway Ricky Ross took the entertainer/mogul to court for using his name the judge decided to rule in the rappers favor. Rick Ross is protected under the First Amendment. If you are not so sure what that is and what it states you just might want to go do your homework! The case began in 2010 and went to a higher supreme court after the case was ruled “untimely” because the REAL Rick Ross knew about the rapper since 2006. Talk about bad timing! The California appeals court judge Roger Boren sided with Roberts and says that while the rapper’s stage career and persona was influenced by Ross, they are not the “very sum and substance of Roberts’ work.” Right of free speech and free expression.


Nicki Minaj says “I’m coming for youuuuu…”


Well well well….the KING has spoken on her latest track BO$S A$S B!TCH Remix (See below) Seems like Minaj had to remind a few that she still has bars to compete with the male dominated world of hip hop..but you already knew that 🙂   With a mouth slicker than black ice its no wonder her lyrics at times go over peoples heads and cause them to scratch their heads.

Still.. picking the lyrics apart you get the gist of what shes saying and who she just might be targeting. Nicki Minaj has entered the realm of entrepreneurship. With The Nicki Minaj Collection in Kmart booming, her Pink Friday fragrances smelling like angels playing, and her new movie role in “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz coming soon April 2014 seems that the multi platinum female rapper can not be stopped this year. As if she could be stopped at all 🙂 This is year of the Barbie.

Minaj is in the studio cooking up her 3rd studio album. The album is expected to be strictly hip hop..a far cry from the pop sound she experimented with in the past and did with a success.  Expect to hear her name a lot this year..


Jigga Man HOVA DirectTV Performance Super Bowl Weekend


Jayz will be #BigPimpin yet again February 1st at SuperFan Stadium at New York’s Hudson River Park Pier 40. The accomplished gentleman will be performing on stage  for fans giving yet another show bigger than last year. With more music under his belt and hits still knocking like boots everyone in attendance and watching is sure to be “Feelin’ It” … dont forget to fill your glass to the top with Moet.

Check out footage from the 2013 DirectTV Performace.

Jayz leads this year with 9 nods at the 2014 Grammys.

Beyonce is rumored to be joining her husband on stage but… rumors will be rumors until proven FACT!   🙂





The picture says it all. Peoples idea of what’s hot and what’s not changes almost everyday. #IcantDenyIt Be honest with yourself. Your favorite artist might drop a song one day and you just decide…I’m not feeling this anymore or maybe just not until they do another project with a new sound. Everybody does NOT follow the same trend. It seems some artists are positioning themselves to be the “Elephant in the room” .. at the end of the’re not going to stop listening to music all together because of one lame song. Know why? Because you’re too caught up in the MUSIC. You can’t leave it alone. You’re a fiend. Now I like different kinds of music, ….but I LOVE Hip Hop! #WeGotALoveThing 🙂