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#McFactz: #ReasonableDoubt Pulled From #Spotify, #Tinashe Talks #NickiMinaj vs #Iggy, #TheBookOfYeezus


Jay Z’s classic debut album is no longer available on Spotify but it now can be streamed on the new Tidal platform. Jay says that one of the reasons he and other musicians joined for Tidal was because other streaming services had an unbalanced profit sharing system with the artists. Taylor Swift pulled all of her music from Spotify in 2014 and now her catalog is included on Tidal. Tidal is separating itself from other streaming services by providing exclusive content like new songs. Rihanna and Beyonce have released new music exclusively through Tidal already.

“You guys may have seen some of the stats like, Aloe Blacc had a song that was streamed 168 million times and he got paid $4,000,” said Jay. “For us, it’s not us standing here saying we’re poor musicians. If you provide a service, you should be compensated for it. And not just artists — just think about the writers and the producers.”


Tinashe was supposed to hit the road with Iggy Azeala on Iggy’s “The Great Escape Tour” but when the tour was pushed back the singer lined up with Nicki Minaj for “The Pinkprint Tour”.”  Tinashe also says that she did a song with Iggy but when Iggy started receiving backlash during the height of the “cultural appropriation” criticism she fell back from social media for a few days because she’s not used to that level of backlash. In an interview Tinashe was asked who’s music she preferred more between Nicki and Iggy. Due to her full discography Tinashe said she would go with Nicki. Check out the interview!


Kanye West has called himself a God more than a couple times. He even has called Jesus his role model saying that he grew up wanting to be “like Christ.” Now there is The Book Of Yeezus! In the book God’s name is replaced with Kanye or Yeezus and now the book is on the market. The book is only The Genesis chapter of the old testament, so expect a quick read. The book is only $20 dollars and the authors of the book said ..

“What if the Bible, the most singularly significant publication in the ancient canon of Western tradition, were updated to reflect our modern society? What would it look like? …In a sense, Kanye’s awesome and orchestrated spectacle is truly a religious experience.”


#McFactz: #AzealiaBanks Covers #BillboardMagazine, #JayZ SPEAKS, #JamieFoxx Makes A Controversial Joke!


Azealia Banks covers Billboard Magazine! She pretty much says she’s not trying to be an idol and has a crush on President Obama. Banks feels Obama is fine with his big-ass white teeth and ears hanging off his head. She even says she would smash him! As far as dating Banks wants a really smart man who has silly jokes but she admits she would have to tone it down if she really wants to get that. When speaking on respect Azealia says that celebrities are celebrated and she doesn’t feel that she is. One day it would be nice to be celebrated but she just doesn’t want to be forgotten about while still alive. Right now Banks is writing what she calls her passion project, a fable based on herself. She says she works during witching hours of 3 and 4am when the dead writers, the failed writers and failed musicians are roaming around. She is headed to play Coachella later in the month of April before heading on her own tour!


Jay Z suggests that TIDAL could replace record labels for artists like himself. In a recent question and answer session on his new streaming service Jay confirmed that if a major label artist was to complete their contract, they then could potentially distribute their music exclusively through TIDAL. The Jigga man went on to speak on Kanye West’s passion for music and worth by saying the first time he got Kanye on a plane there was 70 mixes of “Stronger” and “Good Life.” Imagine a person who goes through 70 mixes just to get something right, the way they believe is right. He added that some people really care about their music and want it to be heard the way it was intended. Jay says it’s not for everybody and we’re not trying to force it on you but if that’s what you like and that’s what you care about, you have the option and that’s what Tidal is saying. Jay also says you cant exclude the major labels because they have contracts with the artists but if you don’t have a contract as an independent artist, then you can do whatever you want and we would love to work with you.


Jamie Foxx recently made a joke about Bruce Jenner during the iHeartRadio Music Awards over the weekend. The joke was about 65 year old Bruce Jenner transitioning from man to woman. He said “Bruce Jenner will be here, doing some musical performances. He’s doing a “his” and “her” duet all by himself. Look I’m just busting your balls while i still can.” Bruce’s step daughter Khloe Kardashian shared her thoughts on the controversial joke by saying that she feels the joke was a low blow and mean. She says she knows Jamie and that’s why it was a low blow but if that’s what Jamie wants to do for press then fine.

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Roc Nation Sports is cleaning up nicely as they sign another high profile athlete. Ndamukong Suh who plays defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions is the latest signee to Jay Z-s sports agency. The new signee took the news to his personal Instagram and Twitter account. Roc Nation Sports posted on their official website “Roc Nation Sports welcomes NFL defensive tackle and 3x All-Pro Ndamukong Suh to the roster” Ndamukongo joins CC Sabathia, Geno Smith, Kevin Durant, Victor Cruz, Robinson Cano, Skylar Diggins, and Hakeem Nicks under Roc Nation Sports. 


Rick Ross releases a statement and confirms Meek Mill’s “Dreams Worth More Than Money” album will be delayed due to him being locked up. It was pretty obvious Meek Mill’s album was not going to be released on its scheduled September 2nd release date. Rick Ross says in his statement .. 

“MMG and Meek Mill have decided to release Dreams Worth More Than Money at a future date. In true MMG fashion, Meek has dedicated himself to perfecting his sophomore project and it is only right that it should be rolled out exceptionally well. MMG also wants his fans to know that Meek is doing great and he wants to hear from you. So write him at.

CEC Hoffman Hall
3950B D Steet
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Robert Williams
PP# 892643

In the meantime, keep looking out for new music from the project, keep supporting Meek and KEEP DREAMING! #MMG4LIFE.”


Love and Hip Hop Season 3 came to a close last night and the reunion show still ended with some drama. Part 3 of the reunion pretty much shows talks after fights with different perspectives. Benzino and Althea get a chance to discuss their views on their fall out from Stevie J and Joseline but Benzino kept coaching Althea to say “No Comment.” Joseline expresses that she will “beat your ass” male or female if she feels some type of way when she is upset and Stevie J asks Joseline to tell the producers that they are married. Hmm…anyway MiMi still defends her sex tape with Nikko and the audience and cast alone with viewers at home all voted and felt Nikko released the sex tape himself. Season 3 was full of drama but you just couldn’t help but watch..until next time! 


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