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Honey did you see the 2014 MTV VMA’s last night????? If you didn’t you missed a good eye blessing! Let’s get right on into it…kicking the show off was Ariana Grande with her song Break Free and then transitioned into Nicki Minaj performing Anaconda! Nicki came out in what looked like an ode to Poison Ivy. There was no six foot long anaconda that was rumored to be out during the set, but there sure was a WHOLE lot of BACK from BABY …OKAY?! Next after Anaconda came “Bang Bang” and Jessie J proceeded to sing her heart out with Ariana Grande, but this time Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction which she held together very nicely. There was a ghost whispering some where saying “let it go” as she held on to her dress for dear life. 



The evening was pretty much decent. I must give an applause to Iggy Azalea for not moving around to much. Nobody really wants to see her dancing so her team did a good job of keeping that toned down. Iggy sticks to poses when she performs. Chile….moving on Usher came out dancing like a machine honey. I wanted to jump into tv land and give him oxygen myself. The R&B singer delivered a great performance of She Came To Give It To You and brought Nicki out for the feature.


Is is just me or did Rita Ora seem very “hype” last night? Wonder what that was all about. Taylor Swift gave some yawns although the crowd loved her performance. There could have been more excitement, and what’s with people wearing leotards. At one point I thought I was watching gymnasts at the Olympics. A great highlight from last night had to have been Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels serving Dumb and Dumber.


There were some moments when the urban community probably turned the channel but everyone was anticipating the Beyonce performance. Beyonce came through and did songs off of her album but teased everyone with not even 10 seconds of Flawless remix which would have been the best part of the night for the women. Beyonce pranced on stage, threw her hair, and let everyone know who Queen B is. Of course MTV put the camera on Blue Ivy and Jay Z during Beyonce’s performance and you could see that Blue is the spitting image of both of her parents but don’t you think shes really starting to look more like Jay Z now? Anyway Jay Z presented his wife with the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award and had Blue Ivy on his arm.


The two kissed to show the world their marriage is fine but it kind of seemed awkward like the Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley kiss that seemed like a publicity stunt.

Blue-Ivy-VMAsphoto (1)


…….Remember that? Beyonce teared up when she accepted the award, said a few words and dashed off the stage. Chile…I needed more drama and scandal but I was satisfied with what I saw! Mtv you sure did come through! Yasssss! 

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Raw and Uncut Hip Hop: DJ Twista – Grind Season / Unsigned Talent (252)


I like for the people I interview to be in their most comfortable state, that way they are relaxed and ready to converse. I walked in and sat down. I was offered some of the best Kool-Aid ever! Bursting with flavor, I was ready to begin. We began by discussing daily routines to break the ice. DJ Twista likes to smoke every day. I asked his preference. “High grade, no mid! Don’t disrespect me ..hide it!” Clearly he is a supporter of marijuana.

Chryshon Fields was born on March 22, 1986 in Summit, New Jersey near Patterson. He relocated to Rocky Mount, North Carolina in 1999 after it got real rough around the area he was living in. Chryshon grew up on “The Hill” and the Holly Street area. He is a disc jockey that goes by the name DJ Twista. The name Twista comes from the song Slow Jamz. Slow Jamz was the lead single from Twista’s Kamikaze album in 2003 and was also on Kanye West’s debut album The College Drop Out. That was his theme song! He was around 18 when he first started out on the scene. His favorite mixtape that actually made him want to DJ is “60 Mins of Funk Flex.” When I asked him who his favorite artists are he named JayZ, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Memphis Bleek, Max B, and Young Thug. For a personal preference he likes almost all music. Basically anything with a bop. Twista has been an on air personality for Soul 92Jams (92.1FM). He now does drops for mixtapes, promotes DJ mixtapes, A&R, and is the CEO of RunEmUp Entertainment.

Dj Twista has a strong passion for spinning records and music. His father was a professional dancer who owned a strip club. While his father promoted the club with the girls who worked for him, Twista was busy making tapes to play in the club to keep the party going. Being in the street and his father being involved with the club made him want to DJ more.

 “The streets made me a DJ. Getting out of the street was the goal.”

Twista’s mood is very cool, calm and collected. He likes money, females, and people who are funny. When I asked him to describe himself he said he is a very down to earth, kind hearted, generous person who is usually feeling good and smiling. “I just stay in my zone.” Being a team player is key and he wants to be with people who are for the team. DJ Twista also expressed that he is a genuine person and the things that he does are done with meaning. He is big on respect and feels it should be a two way street. You get what you give. “What God made you to be is what you should be on this earth!”

 There is a project in the works! Independent Savior drops in March 2014. He will feature independent artists on the mixtape. The mixtape will promote those who have a strong work ethic, consistency, grind, love, and support. When I asked Twista about how he felt about the music in the city of Rocky Mount he said “The music speaks for itself”. I felt that was a very good answer.

We reflected on events recently in the city. He said he would like to see a change in Rocky Mount, and more positivity. “Everybody wants to follow, but just be yourself. Be strong at home and don’t be weak. It starts at home!” We also discussed life and I cared to know where he wants to be in ten years. He pretty much said he would like to be remarried, owning a restaurant, a cook, and still pushing RunEmUp Ent.

As far as achievements, DJ Twista’s biggest show was in Canada. He was a DJ for Yung Jock around 2004. For him going to Canada was big because he got the opportunity to do what he loves just off somebody believing in his craft. He keeps busy by rocking these clubs every weekend, take care of his responsibilities, paying bills, doing what he loves, and perfecting his image. The music saved his life.

His message to you: “When I come out, I come out to put on for 252 and make sure people enjoy themselves! I wanna be more like a spokesperson to let people know you don’t have to be a shooter or on that block to live life the way u wanna live! Put God first and everything else will come with it. Take care of one another. It aint about just being positive, take care of one another.”


Twitter: @DJTwistaRunEmUp

Instagram: @DJTwista_RunEmUp


Throwback Mixtape of the Day!


New Nicki music coming soon! I had to serve you her last official mixtape because I know you slept on it. A lot of people focus more on the look rather than the lyrics, word play, and double meanings.

Notice the difference between north and south music, east coast and west coast music. Who provides more lyricism? Who provides the party? Who provides the relax and thinking? Who provides longevity? Who is just a trend?