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Chile if that’s not throwing shade I don’t know what is…Kevin Hart makes the news for proposing to his girlfriend during the debut of Atlanta Exes. Now Kevin has taken to the media and made claims that he did NOT do it on purpose but, c’mon my black brother you know exactlt what shade you threw. OKAY?! Now Kevin went on to surprise his girlfriend Eniko Parrish during her 30th birthday bash. Funny man Kevin Hart got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Of course she said YES! Could the timing have been better or was this just…a nice thing to do?


Ray J is back in the news following charges of sexual battery, vandalism, battery on a police officer, and resisting a peace officer. Ray J was accused of touching a woman inappropriately. The police seemed to agree that the actions were accidental but the polcie had to carry Ray J away and that’s when Brandy’s brother created a scene. Ray J pleads NOT GUILTY and his preliminary hearing is set for August 28th. Stay tuned….


Top Dawg Entertainment aka TDE is planning a global tour for next year. Word on the street is they are also coming to a city and town near you. Four of the artists have dropped projects in 2014 but do you want to see them on stage? Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar are also dropping albums later on in the year. Do you listen to TDE? Who is your favorite member?


Have you seen Nicki Minaj in her new Anaconda video??? CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nicki Minaj says “I’m coming for youuuuu…”


Well well well….the KING has spoken on her latest track BO$S A$S B!TCH Remix (See below) Seems like Minaj had to remind a few that she still has bars to compete with the male dominated world of hip hop..but you already knew that 🙂   With a mouth slicker than black ice its no wonder her lyrics at times go over peoples heads and cause them to scratch their heads.

Still.. picking the lyrics apart you get the gist of what shes saying and who she just might be targeting. Nicki Minaj has entered the realm of entrepreneurship. With The Nicki Minaj Collection in Kmart booming, her Pink Friday fragrances smelling like angels playing, and her new movie role in “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz coming soon April 2014 ..it seems that the multi platinum female rapper can not be stopped this year. As if she could be stopped at all 🙂 This is year of the Barbie.

Minaj is in the studio cooking up her 3rd studio album. The album is expected to be strictly hip hop..a far cry from the pop sound she experimented with in the past and did with a success.  Expect to hear her name a lot this year..