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#McFactz: Serving FRESH Tea … OKAY?!


Remy Ma has been released from prison and immediately jumped back into the studio. The rapper teamed up with DJ Khaled and released *They Dont Love You No More Remix. After serving a hot track the rapper spoke to Funkmaster Flex and says that she really wanted to work with Meek MIll but the MMG rapper is locked up for a while now. Remy says that she was disappointed that she was getting out of jail and he had to go in. Later on Remy Ma expressed that she would like to be on a track with Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea. This clearly means that the Bronx native knows where she belong in the rap game and who she can compete with. Remy goes on to speak on the women of rap and gives her opinion on the current situation of the “there can only be one” vibe. Remy says…

 “What I think happens with females in this game, they tend to allow other people to pit us against each other,” she said. “I’ve said this before. They make it seem like there can only be one female. It can be a thousand guys that’s putting out music and rapping and doing what they do, but when it comes to females in this hip-hop business, they make it seem like it can only be one, and if there’s more than one then ‘Alright, y’all better be at each other’s throats every chance that you get.’ 
Within the past couple of hours so many wigs have been snatched. Edges are no longer attached to scalps, and Rogain has gone up in sales. Beyonce and Nicki Minaj released Flawless Remix and the entire track is just that, flawless. The two women both deliver some bars that make you think twice, and Beyonce finally addresses the fight on the elevator from a couple months ago. 

“Of course sh*t goes down when there is a billion dollars on a elevator.”
I guess that verse slays enough but right after Beyonce spoke those words you hear a money sound on the track. Finishing off the song Nicki Minaj delivers one of her best verses yet. Blowing away all competition like it was done with ease Minaj raps about being the Queen of Rap right after Remy Ma makes a slick comment on her latest track about being the Queen. The song has a bit of a dark feeling to it.
Nicki Minaj finally dropped her delayed Anaconda track on itunes. Some say the delay came from not wanting to drop as soon as she dropped the Flawless remix with Beyonce. Anaconda serves a mean sample from “Baby Got Back” which completely gives an explanation for the art work that created a big buzz and a series of funny memes on instagram. The preview of Anaconda shows Minaj in a jungle. The video is expected to drop in a little over a week. 
Chris Brown finally reveals his release date for his highly anticipated album “X”. C Breezy spent time in jail and in rehab but none of that has stopped Chris from delivering music. Chris Brown took to instagram to post a picture. September 16th is the official release date. The project was supposed to be released last May but a judge then ordered Chris to be taken into custody a month after he was kicked out of rehab. C Breezy says that X will be his best album yet and his inspiration comes from Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Cooke. 




The picture says it all. Peoples idea of what’s hot and what’s not changes almost everyday. #IcantDenyIt Be honest with yourself. Your favorite artist might drop a song one day and you just decide…I’m not feeling this anymore or maybe just not until they do another project with a new sound. Everybody does NOT follow the same trend. It seems some artists are positioning themselves to be the “Elephant in the room” .. at the end of the day..you’re not going to stop listening to music all together because of one lame song. Know why? Because you’re too caught up in the MUSIC. You can’t leave it alone. You’re a fiend. Now I like different kinds of music, ….but I LOVE Hip Hop! #WeGotALoveThing 🙂