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Nicki Minaj says “I’m coming for youuuuu…”


Well well well….the KING has spoken on her latest track BO$S A$S B!TCH Remix (See below) Seems like Minaj had to remind a few that she still has bars to compete with the male dominated world of hip hop..but you already knew that 🙂   With a mouth slicker than black ice its no wonder her lyrics at times go over peoples heads and cause them to scratch their heads.

Still.. picking the lyrics apart you get the gist of what shes saying and who she just might be targeting. Nicki Minaj has entered the realm of entrepreneurship. With The Nicki Minaj Collection in Kmart booming, her Pink Friday fragrances smelling like angels playing, and her new movie role in “The Other Woman” with Cameron Diaz coming soon April 2014 ..it seems that the multi platinum female rapper can not be stopped this year. As if she could be stopped at all 🙂 This is year of the Barbie.

Minaj is in the studio cooking up her 3rd studio album. The album is expected to be strictly hip hop..a far cry from the pop sound she experimented with in the past and did with a success.  Expect to hear her name a lot this year..