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#McFactz: A Spot of TEA!


Honey that tea must be good! Anyway listen, Keyshia Cole finally got a release date for her album “The Point of No Return.” Lil Bit got that ol’ October 7th release coming soon, OKAY?! According to Keyshia she will be handling most of the songwriting this time. On a recent interview with The Breakfast Club Keyshia explained why she is returning to song writing. She says .. “Now I see why ya’ll miss me so much! I used to spit that shit,” she said. “This is the first album I wrote pretty much by myself since A Different Me, and I freestyled all the ones I sung!” Keyshia’s new album will have features from R.Kelly, Scott Storch, Mile WiLL Made It, Birdman, Future, Wale, and Juicy J. Do you care? Will you be buying the album? …


Chile Nicki Minaj is still winning! Her new song Anaconda broke into the Hot 100 this week and topped Michael Jackson’s tally of Hot 100 hits! The question is has the King of Pop been dethroned? If you consider the Hot 100 to be the key to pop success then that answer is yes! Anaconda debuted this week at number 19, and even though it’s Nicki’s 20th Hot 100 song as a “lead or co-lead” artist the chart also counts entries as a featured artist. Nicki Minaj is now ties with Rod Stewart at 51 entries apiece. Nicki is now also tied with Eminem for seventh place among rappers. QUEEN!


Chile…………Childish Gambino is snappin in these twitter streets! The boy went on a long Twitter rant and he lashes out at “Twitter activism” and goes on and on about how “big” and “white” hip-hop has become. Gambino goes on to say his rant was a poem that he wrote and it stemmed from someone calling him a white rapper. More of this rant/poem is featured on Soul92Jams.com (<<<click that)..go ahead on over and click through those headlines for more details on each story! Go ahead…BE NOSEY 🙂



Keyshia Cole Drama!

Chile you might need to sip this tea SLOW because it is HOT! Always remember there are three sides to a story. Your side, their side, and the TRUTH!


Hold up! Wait a minute! Yesterdays drama was a little too much don’t you think? I know some of you had your popcorn. Anyway if you don’t know what happened on twitter yesterday do some homework. I’m not serving shade! 

Keyshia Cole completely aired out her spouse on twitter. Apparently things have been going on she does not agree with. Now, no shade no tea, but Keyshia didn’t even have to respond but I can understand why. You don’t mess with Oakland, California okay? I wont give the other party much shine because a marriage is involved here.

Now people have been speculating what has been going on but you wont really ever know the FACTS of the matter unless you get an interview with Oprah or Barbara Walters! Keyshia is a great artist with MORE than one platinum album under her belt. Although she might have a few issues at hand, I’m sure she will come out swinging in the end and that’s just The Way It Is.

Stay Strong Keyshia!