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#AzealiaBanks (@AzealiaBanks) To Pose For #PLAYBOY #MAGAZINE!!


Rapper Azealia Banks (23) will be posing for PLAYBOY’s music issue which is set to hit stands in March! The spread will be shot by Ellen Von Unwerth and the shots have been described as “frisky pictorial that’s sure to break the internet.” Azealia is known for boldly speaking her mind especially on Twitter. Banks get a chance to do something outside of music. Would you turn down Playboy magazine?! She seems pretty excited and took to her Twitter account and said

“Grace Jones and Naomi Campbell both did Playboy Covers so you know I was like Hell Yeaaaaaa!!!!!”

Banks has more to celebrate though because after getting dropped from Interscope Records she released her debut album on her own Itunes. On March 3rd Broke With Expensive Taste will be hitting stores nationwide.

Did you know Bankz has more bars than a little bit?! There’s a reason why she’s so mouthy! Lets take it back with a few tracks 🙂


#IggyAzalea drops #ImpossibleIsNothing and #TheNewClassic #Tracklisting



The New Classic Tracklisting

April 15th, 2014

1. Walk the Line
2. Dont Need Yall
3. 100 (Featuring Watch the Duck)
4. Change Your Life (Featuring TI)
5. Fancy (Featuring Charli XCX)
6. New Bitch
7. Work
8. Impossible Is Nothing
9. Goddess
10. Black Widow (Featuring Rita Ora)
11. Lady Patra (Featuring Mavado)
12. Fuck Love
13. Bounce
14. Rolex
15. Just Askin

Throwback Mixtape of the Day!


New Nicki music coming soon! I had to serve you her last official mixtape because I know you slept on it. A lot of people focus more on the look rather than the lyrics, word play, and double meanings.

Notice the difference between north and south music, east coast and west coast music. Who provides more lyricism? Who provides the party? Who provides the relax and thinking? Who provides longevity? Who is just a trend?