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#McFactz: Sip This Tea With Me…..


Meek Mill has violated his probation and has been allegedly been sentenced to 3-4 month in jail. Karen Civil says 3-4 weeks. Rick Ross got at MTV to get a statement in about his MMG artist. In a written statement the MMG bawse says .. 

I created MMG years ago, my desire was to create a space where the most talented artists in the world could be nurtured and supported. With that came a commitment. I vowed to support these artist, through the good and the bad. Every individual signed to MMG is not just an artist, they are my family. And with family you ride, or you die. Yesterday, my brother, Meek Mill ran into some unfortunate legal issues. It happens. However, his team, our team, will continue to execute Meek’s plan as close to schedule as possible.
Meek Mills 2nd album is expected to still be released September 9th. Dreams Worth More Than Money is coming with no delay according to Rick Ross.
At Brooklyn’s Hip Hop festival the other day JayZ came out on Jay Electronica’s set. JayE was dressed in full Nation Of Islam attire and also came out with the Fruit Of Islam (security). JayZ proceeded to put his controversial  5% Nation chain around the neck of JayE. Many were wondering what this meant!
It seems Lifetime is pushing more urban movies lately. Jill Scott, Eve, and Regina Hall will be starring in a romantic comedy focusing on three single best friends trying to get to the alter. The friends spend 12 months trying to get hitched. No release date has been given as of yet but expect a lot of women to be watching this one.
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