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Last night at the AMAs Iggy Azalea took home two awards. One for Favorite Rap/HipHop Album and Favorite Artist Rap/HipHop. Iggy beat out Drakes with his Nothing Was The Same album and Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2. For a while now many artists as well as fans have commented that Iggy is not real Hip Hop. Last year Macklemore beat out Kendrick Lamar for Best Rap Album at the Grammy’s. Do you think we are in an era of Culture Vulture’s? Did Iggy deserve to win her two awards?


Two men from Atlanta, Georgia ran over 549 miles to Ferguson, Missouri to bring awareness to the Mike Brown shooting and racial injustice. Ray Mills and Londrelle Hall wanted to shine light on positive black men while still honoring Mike Brown. The two “Ran For Justice” to the site where Mike Brown was gunned down on August 9th 2014. The two friends decided not to run for just their problems but for the problems of the world. Londrelle and Ray trained for weeks before the 20 day journey where they ran and walked an average of 35 miles a day.


Females have some shoes to look forward to. Reports say that Rihanna will be teaming up with Puma and be an ambassador as well as an exclusive designer for the brand. The deal is said to be worth $1million dollars. Will you be snatching a lair of Puma’s off the shelves?


#McFactz: #Ferguson Awaits Grand Jury Ruling For #MikeBrown Shooting


The St. Louis County grand jury has until January to make it’s decision whether #OfficerDarrenWilson should stand trial for the shooting of #MikeBrown but the prosecutor’s office says a decision could come in mid-November. The shooting occurred on August 9th and protestors of #Ferguson Missouri still want an indictment. The governor #JayNixon declared a state of emergency on Monday November the 17th 2014 as a precaution in the event of unrest or violence. Mayor #JamesKnowles told media he expected demonstrations across the region and warned the authorities to “prepare for the worst.” School superintendents in the area have written a letter to city officials requesting that they announce the grand jury’s decision on an evening so it does not affect about 20,000 students traveling back and fourth to school. A group called #DontShootCoalition has asked for 48 hours notice before the ruling is made public. The group would like assurance that police nor government will interfere with the flow of #information and a guarantee police won’t use rubber bullets, rifles, tear gas, and armored vehicles. The shooting of #MikeBrown has awakened a national nerve. #Protests against #racism and #policebrutality have taken place all around the country since Brown’s death.


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A police officer shot a teen who opened fire in St. Louis Wednesday. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said that the officer shot his weapon 17 times after “at least three” shots were fired at him. Right now it is not clear how many times the 18 year old suspect was hit. The officer that shot the 18 year old was off duty and a six year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department. The officer was not shot or hurt and an investigation will decide if the officer was justified with his behavior. Ferguson is about 16 miles from where this incident happened. 


Teams that are responsible for burying bodies of deceased Ebola patients in Africa are on strike. Sources say teams in two districts of Sierra Leone have gone on strike because they have not been paid their weekly risk allowance. The specialized teams are required to handle corpses due to the virus still being active in victims after they have died. The teams are said to not have been paid their weekly salary of $100 in two weeks. Health worker Tamba Nyandemoh says they bury 17-35 bodies a day. Last week there were 121 recorded deaths and new infections in a single day.


Paula Patton has decided to end her marriage with Robin Thicke. Paula has filed for divorce and cited irreconcilable differences for the reason. She would like joint legal and physical custody for their 4 year old together. The two separated earlier this year in February. Robin wanted to make things work but Paula just seems to not be having it. The couple were high-school sweethearts. Aw well! 

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Some interesting news is bubbling out of the pot today my friend. Have you ever worn Under Armour or know an athlete who has? Well Under Armour just made a power move on the NBA’s most valuable player. Kevin Durant was in a contract with Nike but that contract has now expired. Moving forward Kevin has now been offered a 10 year deal from Under Armour ranging between $265-$285 million. Kevin Durant is signed to Jay Z with Roc Nation Sports and will receive a stock in the company and other incentives. On the side Nike can still and has the right to match the offer for Durant. Sounds like a really BIG deal! 


In other news relating to #Ferguson rapper T.I. decides to write a 2 part open letter ..Straight out of Atlanta rapper T.I. has chosen to express two open letters about the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. T.I. directs one to America and the other to “his people”.  T.I also released a song called New National Anthem featuring Skylar Grey which can be heard —> HERE!! <— You can read T.I.’s letters by going to Soul92Jams.com and going through the headlines to find the story. 


Lupe Fiasco is giving fans the opportunity to get a personalized 1 verse song for $500. There really is NOT a catch to this either! All you have to do is send him an instrumental and pick the mood and subject. The rapper will then record a verse just for you. Okay so maybe there is one small catch.. you have to pick up the physical copy of the CD which only has that one song on it and exchange that $500 dollars cash only. You have to sign a “usage contract” also when you pick up the cd. Hmm…are you going to send in your instrumental?

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Chileeeeeeeeeeeee … word on the street is Meek Mill is NOT being granted a hearing for his probation violation and will remain in jail until October. Earlier in the month reports said that Meek Mill had been sentenced to 3-6 months in county jail after a probation violation. Label owner Rick Ross jumped to give a response saying that Meek’s jail time would only be a few weeks but it seems that not even Ross had the final answers about the situation. The rappers legal team had a petition for an emergency court date thinking he would get out of jail as soon as possible. The request was denied. Meek Mill’s legal team says that he as done nothing that could warrant his probation being revoked. Today Meek pleaded for parole from his ongoing sentence but was denied. The judge ordered the rapper to take anger management and parenting classes, then said the earliest he would be released is October 11th. Will you still support Meek Mill and MMG? Will you listen to his new album when it drops? *Rick Ross grunt*


Jay Z the Jigga man proceeds forward and now Roc Nation Sports has obtained a boxing license. Along side 50 Cent and his SMS Promotions, Jay Z and his own Roc Nation Sports will be promoting boxing matches and also sign boxers. According to sources Roc Nation Sports has been working on this move for more than 8 months. Roc Nation does not have any signed boxers yet but has signed David Itskowitch to be its boxing division’s chief operating officer. 


Rapper Nelly makes news today and has been criticized by some of his hometown residents for not actually visiting Ferguson, Missouri where #MikeBrown was shot and killed over a week ago. After speaking on the issue in interviews and at a celebrity football game, Nelly finally visited Ferguson. Nelly spoke words to a crowd in Ferguson and said the people need to remain peaceful. Also the rapper stated that they should look at their own actions.  Nelly spoke through a bullhorn. The rapper was quoted saying .. “There’s more doctors. There’s more lawyers. There’s more teachers. There’s more black billionaires. There’s more black millionaires. You got options brothers and sisters. We got to understand we got options and stop choosing the reaction option.” The crown gave applause and shouts of agreement during the speech. Some onlookers asked Nelly what was his plan moving forward, and someone responded to Nelly from when he told the people “You got options” and said “You got options, – you’re rich.” 

Protests continue for #JusticeForMikeBrown in Ferguson, Missouri. 


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Nas makes his way into the news this week! The Queens Bridge rapper had an interview and spoke on Hip Hop, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls. The MC goes on to say that the death of both rappers hit him really hard because he knew them both but knew Biggie a little more. Nas feels that what the two rappers did for the game in an art form can never be redone, and they can never be replaced. Also, the Nas said that when both rappers passed away he thought it was the end of rap…How did you feel about Hip Hop after losing Tupac and Biggie??


J. Cole took a trip to Ferguson, Missouri to show support for the protesters seeking justice for Michael Brown. J. Cole didn’t tell anyone or use promotion before going to the location but he was captured by residents on camera. J. Cole showed love to the people in the city and spoke to people in the crowds. A fan asked if J. Cole would take a picture with him and J. Cole simply said “I’m not here for that, but I’ll give you a hug.”  Pretty decent of the man. 


Kid Ink reportedly was arrested in Las Vegas early on Saturday morning for disturbing the peace. Not many details on the subject but the rapper was taken into custody after a scuffle broke out outside of a 1Oak nightclub. Supposedly the woman the rapper was with instigated an incident and her belligerent behavior got the attention of security. Both Kid Ink and his lady friend were taken to jail…

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Come through newsssss! Anyway don’t tell anybody but chile, Lil Wayne went up on ESPN SportsCenter and First Take to reveal his Carter 5 album cover and the release date! Expect to have that music on October 25th… OKAY?! The album was SUPPOSED to be out around August or September but it seems WEEZY F BABY got that ol’ push back and delay! The cover art features Young Weezy with his mother Cita but Wayne chose to have his young face marked with his current tattoos. I can’t wait to hear this album honey COME THROUGH OCTOBER! .. but lets get into other news…


Things are really getting serious in Ferguson, Missouri. If you don’t know what is going on out there in those streets I need you to come up from under that rock! Honey the police of that city were throwing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who are there to make their presence felt for #MikeBrown. An infamous online hacking community called “Anonymous” aka (@TheAnonMessage) has released the name of the Ferguson county police officer who allegedly shot the unarmed teenager. Bryan P. Williams is the identified officer and took to his personal Facebook page to  change his name to “Scooby” in hopes that the public would stay off him. The police department has DENIED that the officer has ever worked for them and will still not release the name. President Obama spoke to the nation earlier and said that we should not be violent wit the police but also said the police should not be harming or arresting media trying to do their job by covering this huge situation. More information developing…..chile…


Beanie Sigel is now a free man after serving 2 years for tax evasion. Also Beanie was sentenced to an extra 6-23 months for possession of a controlled substance. Beanie failed to pay more than $728,000 in taxes between 1999-2005. Chile why are you not paying Uncle Sam?! Anyway the man is free now just like Remy ma so East Coast hip hop should be happy..I guess. 

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Okayyy!?! Lets jump right on in to it! Drake has revealed the “Drake Vs Lil Wayne” Air Jordan 3! The all black shoe has a red Jumpman on the tongue, a gold Jumpman on the heel, and the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour logo on the insole. The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour has already started which leaves many to speculate that more colorways could be coming soon! Sneaker heads… will you be copping a pair??? 


In more serious news, an unarmed teen was murdered by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri on Satruday. The 18 year old that was killed was #MichaelBrown. Michael Brown and another man got stopped by a cop. Authorities claim that Brown then got into a struggle inside of the police car with the officer over his firearm. Police say that Michael Brown was shot once inside the vehicle and the numerous times in the street. Witnesses say that Brown was shot as he held his hands in the air showing that he was not resisting. The officer that shot and killed Brown has been put on leave of absence pending an investigation.  Protests, hashtags all over social media, and reported rioting has begun. Heavily armed law enforcement has been sent to the area. The mother of Michael Brown reportedly says that rioting and looting is disrespecting the memory of her son. Michael Brown had just graduated high school and was set to attend Vatterott College this fall.


Nicki Minaj sets a new record for female rappers. It seems no matter what is thrown at this woman she always comes out on top. The leading female voice in Hip Hop for the past couple of years makes a heavy mark in history books.  Nicki Minaj set a new record for iTunes. The fierce rapper is the first female to have a number one SOLO single on the iTunes chart. If you add in Nicki’s feature on Jessie J and Ariana Grande’s “Bang Bang” track Nicki becomes the first female rapper to have two lead singles in the top two spots on iTunes at the same time. Nicki recently rapped on a song called “Chiraq” and was quotes saying “I don’t tell niggas, I show niggas.” Well the proof is now in the pudding.

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