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#McFactz: A sprinkle of #News..


Nas makes his way into the news this week! The Queens Bridge rapper had an interview and spoke on Hip Hop, Tupac, and Biggie Smalls. The MC goes on to say that the death of both rappers hit him really hard because he knew them both but knew Biggie a little more. Nas feels that what the two rappers did for the game in an art form can never be redone, and they can never be replaced. Also, the Nas said that when both rappers passed away he thought it was the end of rap…How did you feel about Hip Hop after losing Tupac and Biggie??


J. Cole took a trip to Ferguson, Missouri to show support for the protesters seeking justice for Michael Brown. J. Cole didn’t tell anyone or use promotion before going to the location but he was captured by residents on camera. J. Cole showed love to the people in the city and spoke to people in the crowds. A fan asked if J. Cole would take a picture with him and J. Cole simply said “I’m not here for that, but I’ll give you a hug.”  Pretty decent of the man. 


Kid Ink reportedly was arrested in Las Vegas early on Saturday morning for disturbing the peace. Not many details on the subject but the rapper was taken into custody after a scuffle broke out outside of a 1Oak nightclub. Supposedly the woman the rapper was with instigated an incident and her belligerent behavior got the attention of security. Both Kid Ink and his lady friend were taken to jail…

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