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#McFactz: ….this tea is EVERYTHING!


Come through newsssss! Anyway don’t tell anybody but chile, Lil Wayne went up on ESPN SportsCenter and First Take to reveal his Carter 5 album cover and the release date! Expect to have that music on October 25th… OKAY?! The album was SUPPOSED to be out around August or September but it seems WEEZY F BABY got that ol’ push back and delay! The cover art features Young Weezy with his mother Cita but Wayne chose to have his young face marked with his current tattoos. I can’t wait to hear this album honey COME THROUGH OCTOBER! .. but lets get into other news…


Things are really getting serious in Ferguson, Missouri. If you don’t know what is going on out there in those streets I need you to come up from under that rock! Honey the police of that city were throwing tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters who are there to make their presence felt for #MikeBrown. An infamous online hacking community called “Anonymous” aka (@TheAnonMessage) has released the name of the Ferguson county police officer who allegedly shot the unarmed teenager. Bryan P. Williams is the identified officer and took to his personal Facebook page to  change his name to “Scooby” in hopes that the public would stay off him. The police department has DENIED that the officer has ever worked for them and will still not release the name. President Obama spoke to the nation earlier and said that we should not be violent wit the police but also said the police should not be harming or arresting media trying to do their job by covering this huge situation. More information developing…..chile…


Beanie Sigel is now a free man after serving 2 years for tax evasion. Also Beanie was sentenced to an extra 6-23 months for possession of a controlled substance. Beanie failed to pay more than $728,000 in taxes between 1999-2005. Chile why are you not paying Uncle Sam?! Anyway the man is free now just like Remy ma so East Coast hip hop should be happy..I guess. 

More details on these stories are located on Soul92Jams.com ..

Have you checked and clicked through those headlines??!

Go get ya info straight!