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Unsigned Talent: Cloverdale Rell – (252)


Born June 20, 1986 to George and Gwen, Cloverdale Rell is a rapping talent from Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The name Cloverdale Rell comes from his name Gerell and the old neighborhood he grew up in. He also has lived in the neighborhood called Hillsdale.

The Rocky Mount native feels he features the wordplay of an early Jadakiss and has smooth sincerity of Jay-Z or Nas. He can project imagery like Rick Ross or Young Jeezy in his rhymes as well as story telling. Cloverdale grew up heavily into sports such as baseball, basketball, and football. Growing up listening to rap he grew to respect Jay-Z, 2 Pac, Biggie, and Nas. Cloverdale also has an admiration for gospel because that was the only music his mother ever played. Gospel created a sense of soul, but the gangsta radio being played by his brothers gave him a feel of style and street savvy. His father was a military man who on weekends would find himself in and out of every liquor house in town. He says that doesn’t seem like the type of place for a 14-16 year old kid, but he feels it taught him more than a history book ever could.

Cloverdale Rell began rapping at 13 years old, but only took it serous at 16 years old when his peers took notice. He has received local awards for freestyle battles at the American Legion, but never really wanted to settle as just a battle rapper. Almost everyone rapped including his brothers, but no one expected or believed he would be that talented at such a young age. He is always nominated for lyricist, best rap, or new rap artist at the NCUMAs each year. In his raps he expresses freedom with his words by not holding anything back. I see you Cloverdale Rell!

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