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Unsigned Talent: BAD NEWZ – (252)



I decided to give Bad Newz some extra shine because he has high potential and an aggressive style that clearly stands out. The tracks presented are old. We decided to give them to you. I felt they still needed to be shared with more people.

Bad Newz is from Harlem, New York and moved to Rocky Mount, North Carolina when he was 9 years old. He still visits up north, but in the south he represents Armstrong projects. Bad Newz is a highly respected battle rapper but is also an artist and a songwriter. When I asked him why battles he said..

“I battle for the love of the culture and to just make sure I keep my lyrical skills sharp.”

I know Bad Newz is a good writer as well. He likes to learn and motivate others to do better, and be better. He says his top 4 rappers are 50 cent, Jadakiss, Lil wayne, and Meek Mill. His favorite album and mixtape? Get Rich or Die Trying and I Cant Feel My Face!

I ran into him one day recently and we had a brief conversation about music. I was curious as to what type of Bad Newz this could be. He let me hear a little something and I was impressed. In my opinion Newz has a mix of up north and down south which shows balance. After hearing his material I wanted to hear more, and just like the first time I was impressed again. I feel he has raw talent but Newz usually laughs it off and gives a humbling thank you. I’m pretty sure he knows what he is capable of. Even though the music we decided to share is old I still feel his bars and lyrics are a threat. I salute aggression like his. Bad Newz just wants to be successful and just wants his family to eat. Expect more from him because his potential is great.

His message to you: “Keep ya eyes peeled cause 2014 is my year! I’m about to drop my new mixtape! Nobody wants to hear Bad Newz! The movement is NSB! North South Boyz, WE MOVING!”