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#McFactz: I’ve Got TEA! ;)


I got that newsssssssssss chile! Pete Rock drops some news that he has worked with Kendrick Lamar on his new album that will be coming soon! Do you know who Pete Rock is????  Go do some HOMEWORK 🙂 .. anyway info on Kendrick’s new album has been kept quiet and lips have been sealed but it seems this little bit of info is a small insight on what is to come. The album does not have a title yet! Pete Rock says in an interview with XXL that he did some scratching and that he is on the hook on one of Kendrick’s songs on the new album but it is not something he can just sing for you, you have to HEAR it! Pete also says that he met Kendrick through text messaging and that’s how things got started.


A drive-by shooting occurred on the set of the N.W.A movie last week. The movie “Straight Outta Compton” is off to a weird start while the film crew was setting up to shoot for the day last week in Compton. Apparently the shooting took place outside a courthouse. Reports say that a few locals threw up gang signs to cars that were passing by which ignited the passengers in the car to open fire. One person was shot and the shooting is currently under investigation. Filming for the movie will resume this week.

kanye west

A low quality version of Kanye West’s new track All Day has leaked! It is rumored to be a single from his upcoming seventh studio album.  About a week ago the short version leaked but now a longer snipped is here for your ears. French Montana might be on the record but sources are not clear just yet. The clip is around 2 minutes, and you can hear voices in the background but still get an idea of what the track will be like. Are you excited to here new music from Yeezy?? To hear the clip.. CLICK HERE 🙂

Have you checked out Soul92Jams.com today?????



SQUASHED BEEF! NEW MUSIC! Dj Kay Slay feat. 50 Cent & Fat Joe – Free Again


NEW YORK CITY! Now this might not be what everybody wants to hear, but its different from the same ol’ same ol’, you can’t knock that. You thought it was over for the sound but don’t forget where Hip Hop Mecca is! The south has had reign over radio waves with the party scene for a while but you need balance in this industry. Looks like the North side is creeping back regaining power strategically. Everything isn’t one big party! Get back to talking that real on record! Not just dreads swinging and turning up every few bars! Exercise real lyrical talent and story telling!

With a squashed beef behind them 50 cent and Fat Joe get back to that grit and grime taking shots and never afraid..like true New Yorkers! Cocky and confident..but is the first take strong enough? Was this just a lure to get you pulled into what has been cooking up? You never know what the next move is. Im sure you didn’t see this coming! What next?


New Music: Jennifer Lopez – Girls


PUERTO RICAN PRINCESS? PUERTO RICAN QUEEN?! Jenny from the block is back on the scene with DJ Mustard. Also on American Idol now its clear the bootylicious Latina isn’t going anywhere! I miss those “On The 6” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” days ..Mami was booming! Check her history!

Holding the title for the first Latina actress to get paid over a million per movie as well as the first artist to have a number one movie and album in the same week! Shout out to the Bronx, NY queen!

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