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#MemphisBleek speaks on starting the #Jayz vs #Nas battle


Apparently Memphis Bleek has spoken on the subject of starting the battle between Jayz and Nas. This led to “Takeover” vs “Ether.” Bleek says he took lines from Nas as shots at him, and his decision to respond caused everything to pop off after that. You see Memphis Bleek has always been Jayz’s right hand man.

“I started that drama. I felt like I got my big homie in some s**t,” says Bleek. “Nas had did a freestyle on the Clue tape, and my homie hit me like, ‘Yo, Nas getting at you on this joint.’” The diss from Nas led to Memphis Bleek doin his own joint called “Mind Right” dissing Nas. Nas then responded calling out the entire Roc-A-Fella crew.

Bleek believes that Jayz’s “Takeover” was better than Nas on “Ether.” A couple of other rappers in the game have agreed. Bleek says that Nas didn’t have any facts on “Ether.”

Memphis Bleek says he knows his opinion is bias on the situation.

“You think you’re going to really get me to be like Nas killed my big homie. I don’t give a f**k if he did. You ain’t never going to hear that from my mouth,”