Kid Ink feat. Tyga & Chris Brown – Main Chick Remix



“Watching Bridesmaids think she got it made now.” – Tyga

The 27 year old California boy Kid Ink is signed to RCA Records. In January 2014 at his album release party he earned his first Gold single “Show Me” with Chris Brown. Kid Ink is associated with DJ ILL Will.

On this song Kid Ink, Tyga, and Chris Brown serve a mean club record! Recently we have seen more side chicks move up to the “Main Chick” position. Are you the chosen one? “Do you really love me Steebie?”  Are main chicks in the club more or are side chicks in the club more? I’m trying to figure out if that’s a trick question.

Anyway I like the song, ..more so the beat. Worthy of a replay!



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