Lupe Fiasco – Thot 97


“Superman Batman Space Ghost Mighty Mouse…!”

“I treat your top ten like my bottom 97!”

This freestyle gave me the exact look on his face. I think I might have played this about 10 times already. Back to the look on his face. Lupe delivers and serves the track with what it REALLY needed #Attitude. I laugh!

McFact: Lupe Fiasco was a big supporter of the

Occupy Wall Street movement of 2011.


One thought on “Lupe Fiasco – Thot 97”

  1. Who put the flyest tapes in ya fire place? I’ma tell ya now nigga I aint een tryna wait, nigga fore yo waste my time, I’ma tell ya right now Fahrenheit had niggas on the fire ‘scapes Woo!! This shit bangs

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