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#McFactz: Come Get This TEA!


Oprah has an upcoming special on OWN called “Light Girls” and Amber Rose has something to admit. Amber sits down and admits most of her family boycotted her wedding to Wiz Khalifa because he’s black. Amber was quoted saying..

“With my family, they feel like they’re more superior or better than an African American because we’re Creole and we have culture and that’s something I battle with most of my life.”


Well honey the “highly anticipated” Whitney Houston biopic aired on Lifetime on Saturday night. Did you see it?? Well everybody felt some type of way. There were some positive reviews and some negative. Leaving the overall feedback MIXED. Wendy Williams who produced the Aaliyah biopic got a straight up negative response, but Angela Basset who produced this Whitney biopic got a better response from the people. Many people felt the movie focused too much on Bobby Brown and was very short. However YaYa DeCosta’s portrayal of Whitney Houston was decent. Let’s see what Lifetime does next…are you ready?


Shawn and Marlon Wayans STILL HAVE JOKES! Recently Shawn and Marlon went on a radio show to promote their weekend shows but took time out to clown Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Bill Cosby. Check out the video below!


#McFactz: A Sprinkle Of #EntertainmentNews and #HipHopNews :)


More break ups continue to emerge as “Cuffing Season” has arrived! Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo reportedly have broken up and gone their separate ways. The two have been dating since September 2011 and were engaged last year but the two just couldn’t hold on any longer *cues awwws*. Sources say that Jason has been seen with a side chick by the name of Carmen Ortega. Although I have seen pictures of the two you never really know what is going on. Sources say that Jordin knew about the affair but decided to stay with Jason because he was her first. Girl ….


Wiz Khalifa finally speaks on his divorce! Pretty much Wiz is saying the divorce was over before Amber Rose caught him with another woman in bed. His statement clearly was “I just didn’t want to be married to her anymore.” Wiz doesn’t really believe he was cheating and explains how he already told his friends weeks before that the marriage was over. Amber is trying to earn over a million dollars from Wiz from a prenuptial agreement the two signed prior to marriage, she also wants full legal and physical custody of their one year old child Sebastian. Do you think telling your friends your marriage is over prior to divorcing justifies cheating??? Chile…


Ja Rule says men wearing shirt- skirts is part of Hip Hop now! I know you have seen the fashion changing or repeating itself all the time, but lately in Hip Hop men have taken things a new route and embrace some sort of “feminization.” With male rappers wearing kilt skirts, painting their nails, using new words, and wearing shirt-skirts from a distance you might think something off the wall. Ja Rule addresses this topic and says “You know what? If You wanna shirt-skirt, go head get you a shirt skirt. Cause this is your generation.” Ja Rule says he does look back at some of his old pictures and wonder what the hell he was wearing then but he says it is apart of being young and growing up. Ja also adds that he doesn’t think this generation is looking at it as “feminine” but more so “fashionable.” Honey I’m all for fashion and please believe I am all for anybody expressing themselves through clothing, but grown men just should not be painting their nails anything but clear. I’m not even sure I’m okay with clear. LOL!

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