Premo Opana: The Hood Poet


Premo Opana is a 25 year old Hip Hop artist and songwriter born in Greenville, NC and raised in Farmville NC. He considers himself as..

“The Hood Poet.”

Premo was inspired to do music when he started listening to 50 Cent, Juelz Santana, DMX, and Jadakiss. Through music he feels he expresses himself the most. I decided to ask him about his influences and he told me his brother influences him the most because of the way he counts on Premo and looks up to him. His brother is in school, has a 3.5 GPA and is playing basketball. He likes the fact that his brother is not a follower.

“My brother is a good genuine solid person. Everything he is doing now I wanted to be doing with my life.”

When I asked Premo what sets him apart from everyone else he told me just being “The Hood Poet.” He looks at tracks as being poems.

“Hood poet, every block every hood know it.”

As of right now Premo Opana has 4 projects out.
1. Hood Poetry
2. Hood Poetry 2
3. Poetic Justice
4. Bars and Facts

Bars and Facts is the most recent project. Right now his focus is on pushing Bars and Facts. His follow up project will be called More Bars and More Facts.

Premo prefers to do things old school and write by hand while most write down things in their phone. Writing is his first love. In his music he chooses to talk about pain, struggle, love, and betrayal.

Premo and I discussed the Carolina music scene and what was one thing the Carolina market could improve in his opinion and he said ..

“The Carolina market could improve by embracing each other, respecting each others craft, and improving originality by sound.”

For the rest of 2017 Premo’s goal is progress.

“Progress means everything to me even if that means connecting with another artists out of state and someone is showing him the way”

“ long as you are making progress you are on your way.”


Hood Poetry 2

I asked Premo what would he be doing if it wasn’t for music and he paused for a moment and laughed. He said..

“I’d probably be a slave out here punching the clock for someone who doesnt really care about me.”
We both thought that was pretty funny.

When Premo was doing two years in the county jail he found new interests like writing books and writing movies. He he has a lot of ideas to get out.

Something Premo Opana wants people to know about him is he is really big on loyalty.

“Blood makes you kin, loyalty makes you family.”

Twitter: @PremoOpana 

Instagram: PremoOpana

Facebook: Premo Opana


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