#McFactz: #RichHomieQuan is James Bond! #JayZ and his Streaming Service! #Beyonce Inspires A Mother And Daughter!


Rich Homie Quan tried to get into Club LIV in Miami over the weekend with his crew. The security guard told them the venue was at capacity and they would have to wait at the front door like everyone else. The guard, Christian Cajigas has a lawyer now who says,  “The club was at capacity and he told him he had to go around the front and wait like everybody else and that’s when this rapper who thought that he was above the law, that he’s not the average person and he could get in anyway he wanted to.”

Rich Homie name dropped Flo Rida and said ..  “I’m Rich Homie Quan and I’m a rich millionaire, (expletive). I’m coming through these doors. I’m with Flo Rida.”

The security guard told police that Rich Homie punched him twice in the face, with photos documenting a possible broken nose and bloody lip.

 “The rapper was the first person to throw a punch. He’s the one that him right there in the nose. Square in the nose,” Cajigas’ lawyer says.

Allegedly after the incident Rich Homie Quan left on a speedboat that was docked.


Jay Z’s bid for the streaming service Aspiro was approved earlier in the month and the streaming service now known as TidalHifi is set to launch. On Tidal’s website a counter indicates listeners can use the app in 5 days. Music fans can try out the service for a 7 day free trial. The monthly rate is $19.99. Will you be using Jigga’s new service?


A mother and daughter duo performed Beyonce’s 7/11 on Ellen. Take a look below!


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