#McFactz: TI SPEAKS, Lil Twist Is In TROUBLE, Karrueche Tran Has An Interview Coming!


The Gaye Family seems like they are not letting up off necks when it comes to copyright infringement. Since the family won $7.4 million from the “Blurred Lines” decision they Gaye’s have filed a motion to “correct” the jury’s verdict by adding Universal Music, Interscope Records, Star Entertainment, and T.I. to the list of infringers. TMZ got a hold of T.I. at the airport and this was his response..

“I don’t know what’s going on, I never really got caught up in that. I have nothing but admiration and respect for the legacy and estate. And I have nothing but support and extreme admiration for my partner Pharrell. Whatever happened, the universe agreed with it. I know that I’m a writer, I’m a creator, I know that I don’t steal from anybody creatively when I make my music. I know that and I think that anybody with common sense is going to be able to see that when they listen to it.

“Whatever it is, that’s out of my hands. Whatever happens, the right thing will always be [me] being exonerated, because I know I did the right thing and I ain’t intend to steal from anybody on any of my material.

Do you think T.I. should be held accountable?


Young Money rapper Lil Twist has a dark cloud over his head. He has been charged with six felonies for an incident that occurred at That’s So Raven star Kyle Massey’s apartment. Twist allegedly beat up Massey’s brother with brass knuckles and stole his wallet and cell phone. Charges include grand theft, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon. If he is convicted he will face 25 years in prison. Sheesh!

Best of luck to Lil Twist!


When news broke that Chris Brown has a baby by another woman his girlfriend Karrueche Tran was quick to cut him off. She sat down with Iyanla Vanzant to give details about their relationship. The interview airs Saturday March 28th at 8pm on OWN.

Iyanla says..

The thing that was so surprising to me is how protective and forgiving she is of Chris. She repeatedly offered that he is only human and humans make mistakes. She said she knows he loves her and she just wishes things could change for him.

I think I am a bit more troubled by his behavior than she is. I am disturbed that he has such a gift and blessing and continues to dishonor God, himself, and women with no accountability. Prison was punishment and punitive. It did not teach responsibility or accountability for his behavior or as the steward of a gift.

Anyway, she made no attempt to bash him and will probably come across as naive and relatable.


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