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Is Drake in hot water??? Well a well known stripper named Jhonni Blaze claims that after her and Drake spent the night together she was then threatened. The Houston stripper has accused Drake and his team of threatening her life after a sexual encounter the two had. Sources are reporting that police have launched and investigation around the accusations that Jhonni was threatened because Drake’s people were worried she would go blabbing to the media. Allegedly Drake’s people from his camp were sent to her house to threaten her. Jhonni Blaze is unsure if she wants to press charges. Another side to this story circulating is that Jhonni might be pregnant with his child…but you should know not to believe everything you hear by now… moving on..


A member of Rae Sremmurd was caught flexing in the wrong zone. Thought you knew better? Anyhoo, Swae Lee from the duo Rae Sremmurd was pulled over by Miami Beach Police and arrested for driving with a suspended license. His bail was set at $1,000. The duo have been signed to Interscope Records after their success from “No Flex Zone.” My black brother you have a deal, and a bright future ahead of you, hire a driver!


Lupe Fiasco has opened a can honey! He says Islam will become the worlds religion. Lupe goes on to speak on equality and claims Saudi Arabia is less Biblically sinful than the US. He went at it with a few people on twitter and also redirected a question about Islam’s often critisized position on gender equality. “Where are women equal anywhere though?” The story was very much so in depth. To get full details head on over to Soul92Jams.com and click through those headlines!


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