#FerrisBueller (@Bueller704) (@VampireLife_253) – #HandsUpDontShoot (+Live Footage)


I had the chance to finally meet Ferris Bueller this past weekend at his performance on Greene St. at the Greene St. Club in Greensboro, NC! Ferris and Rello Montana got on stage and did their thing! Out of all the performances of the night I enjoyed theirs the most not because I knew of them, but because their stage presence was great and the meaning behind their songs left an impression. The track “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” brings awareness to #MikeBrown who was killed in Ferguson, Missouri. Protesting is still going on and people still want justice for the teen who was about to start college this year. I had fun at the concert and it’s always good seeing someone you support! Until next time…. #McFatWasHere!

The set of songs in order performed were as listed 

1. Home Town (freestyle)
2. All Get Right (freestyle)
3. I’m Back
4. Destiny ft. Rello Montana
5. Hands Up Don’t Shoot

Check out more of Ferris Bueller’s music HERE! <—-

photo (4) photo (5)



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