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The Revenge of Nya Lee – Our Cutt!


With the Love & Hip Hop New York season ending we are left to wonder what’s next with the curvy 23 year old Nya Lee. A bold woman out of the Bronx, NY, Nya Lee has broken down barriers and spoken on the topic of “butt shots” which is not something a lot of women are speaking on out loud. The VladTV interview is posted below. She loves speaking on the topic because she wants to make girls aware of the truth. Even though the shots are not FDA approved she still hopes to continue to look good in the future and not have side effects. She is not advising you to go out and get shots but is educating on what she has done.

Nya says there are people that don’t like her because she “Owns her shit, and wants so much more.” and “..a lot of people in the world don’t know how to want more.” She was assaulted with a razor blade during an altercation in a local bar one night leaving her with an¬†18 inch scar and needed 32 stitches to close the wound. The attack was out of jealousy.

The bald headed beauty believes in embracing your flaws. Owning your flaws allows things to be easier when something comes out, by then you are already on to the next level. Not caring about what people think may not be such a bad thing after all! Yes, she was a stripper. Yes, she got butt shots, but now lets focus on the music.

Music really makes Nya Lee happy. She started her own label called “Our Cutt” her successful revenge. She has worked with Jadakiss, Trey Songz, Red Cafe, and her mentor Fabolous. She is focused on putting her stripper past behind her and released her first EP called That Bitch. Nya Lee is headed for the future and the past is just a pedestal.