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#UnsignedTalent: #Yayo and #Tramatik (@She_Luv_Trillz) (@Yay4rmDaOthaDay) – (252)


Martrel “Tramatik” Hargrove (right) of Henderson, North Carolina was born February 20th 1991. He has a twin brother, one older brother, two younger brothers, and two older sisters. Martrel lost his mother to cancer at the age of 6, and did not meet his father until he was 13 years old. He got the name Tramatik from traumatic situations that have happened to him growing up. After high school he attended Livingstone College, but left after two years because his grandmother passed away. Martrel wanted to be more around his family. One of his skills besides rapping is drawing. Tramatik used to do comic books but situations caused him to lose them. His first comic book characters name was “Tramatik.” Tramatik’s first mixtape back in the day was called Supervillain, but he never put it on the internet. Everything was recorded on a chat mic around the AOL days.

When I asked him when did he know that he wanted to do music his response was, “I’ve always been a fan of music.” He says that his favorite artists are Lil Wayne, Big Tymers, Eminem, D12, and Ludacris. His favorite mixtape is Young Jeezy, Can’t Ban The Snow Man and his favorite album is Lil Wayne, The Carter 2.

His goal for the year is to make more money than last year. I thought that was a great answer. He says he has been to jail, gotten a criminal record, and people judge him because they see him with tattoos, or prejudge him on the clothes he wears, but one of his accomplishments was having the highest exam scores at his high school, class of 2009.
“People misjudge me, but I wanna show the world what I am capable of. I’m not just doing this, it’s my passion. My word play is nice, and I am confident in myself.”
I asked him what keeps him strong and he said “I feed off knowledge and wisdom. Being around people I can learn from keeps me going.”


Antonyo “Yay” Johnson (left) was born November 15th 1991. He has two older brothers, one younger brother, one older sister, and two younger sisters. His mother is a preacher, and his father stays low key. He attended Northern Vance High School in Henderson, North Carolina. Yay likes to get money, chill, turn up, and work.

It is clear that Yay likes to rap and enjoys music but he says “I don’t want to be commercial.” He immediately made that clear about his sound. His first mixtape was called “745 Crack Muzik” released on DatPiff.com back in 2011. His favorite mixtape is No Ceilings by Lil Wayne and his favorite album is Get Rich or Die Trying. Yay’s goal for the year is to drop a mixtape, turn up for the summer and have his music played in different clubs.

We discussed the music and environment around him. He said “When someone makes a hot song, that should be your motivation!” “I’ma do it too!” He wants the younger generation to know that you don’t have to be a dope boy. Kids don’t want to be “weed niggas” they want to be “dope boys” these days. “When they see me doing music, they wanna do music and I wanna influence them. Use your talent, everybody has one. Hate keeps you strong. People always will have something to say but you have to have ambition.”

Tramatik and Yayo promote parties and like to have a good time while still getting work done. I was great getting to know them! Both of their mixtapes will drop early summer and they will also drop one mixtape together.

Contact: Yay – @Yay4rmDaOthaDay   |   Tramatik – @she_luv_trillz