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Chile today’s news pops off with drama coming from 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. You see, Floyd Mayweather struggles with reading and 50 Cent decided to challenge good boy Floyd to a read off. While every celebrity is doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, 50 decided to challenge Floyd to read ONE page from a Harry Potter book. If Floyd is successful 50 will donate $750,000 to a charity of Floyd’s choice. Now it might be a little funny but at the same its very sad. The Breakfast Club morning radio show decided to take things very far by  releasing unreleased audio of Floyd Mayweather struggling to read drops when he came to the station. Dj Envy says it usually takes someone 10 seconds to read, Floyd can be heard stopping and restarting and messing up his words. 50 Cent changed the book that Floyd would be reading from Harry Potter to The Cat in the Hat. Chile…..make sure your children are in school this semester and please join the PTA! 


In San Francisco police kill a teenager after shooting him 5 times in the back  and while he was laying face down in the street for not paying a $2 bus fare. Video footage shows after shooting the teenager the police keep their guns out as he bleeds but do not call upon anyone for first aid. The police claim he had a gun which still has not been found. Be aware of your surroundings.


In other news Wiz Khalifa teams up with Converse again to add another sneaker to the collection. The Pittsburgh native and Converse have revealed two different colorways of the Converse “Chuck Taylor All Star ILL” one in all white and the other all black. Foot Locker, Footaction, and Eastbay are releasing the shoe today, AUgust 22nd. Are you getting a pair???


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8th Grade Teacher Suspended For Assigning Lil Wayne Lyrics As Homework


Definition: Colloquial (Co-Low-Quee-All) adjective – used when people are speaking in an informal way

What’s wrong with studying Lil Wayne mannnnn??!

According to AllHipHop.com an 8th grade English teacher was suspended for 3 days because she assigned Lil Wayne’s “6 Foot 7 Foot” as homework for reading to find examples of figurative speech in the lyrics (uncensored). This made some parents upset.

The administration for the school did not approve of this they claim. The headmaster Wayne Owens released a statement to WBTV News Channel 5 saying students were having an issue breaking down literary devices. The teacher chose to use “colloquial material” to help students understand the concepts.

Shout out to the dictionary! if you dont know what something means..LOOK IT UP!

McFact: Corey Gunz is the son of Peter Gunz from Love and Hip Hop New York.