#SurvivingRKelly Review by Jalisa McFat

04ffd1e1-d967-4db3-b4c9-ffb7e5e6ed49Review #SurvivingRKelly

I took the time to watch the episodes of Surviving R Kelly like many other people. I was ready for the drama and secrets honey. Anyway..the episodes were a bit disturbing and as I watched more I started to wonder what was the end goal of putting out this production. Of course survivor stories are important, hell I’m a survivor myself but Robert has been to trial and beat the case. After being sucked in by the shocking details of Robert allegedly keeping girls in his house and them having to ask to eat, use the bathroom, or ask to do ANYTHING while calling him “Daddy” …the real issue that bothered me was some of the parents of the girls allowed them to go be with Mr. Kelly. I couldn’t wrap my mind around how a 17 year old was flying out to kick it with an older man even if she was close to being 18. My family would have said no, but I was raised differently. I got a chance to see one of the mothers go rescue her child who said leaving RKelly and his place was the hardest decision she has ever made in life. She clearly was under mind control. Since the episodes aired RKelly has seen a spike in the streams of his music. Honestly, I believe people are going back to listen to some of the things he used to say. A woman during the episode said his songs were basically stories about the girls. I went back and listened to a few too. Overall i do feel R Kelly could use some help and after watching these episodes I feel bad for him. I learned he had trouble with reading and writing and he was molested as a kid. None of that makes what he allegedly has done excusable but it does connect the dots with abuse. Some people are exposed to things too young. I still cant believe R Kelly and Aaliyah were married when he was 27 and she was 14. Someone forged the paperwork because she was underage. Now to be honest..over the years Aaliyahs legacy has been squeaky clean and anytime someone says something about her there is backlash. Do I believe Aaliyah was always an angel, no. Girls mature faster than boys and tend to be interested in things as they start to hit puberty. So when you can catch the attention of an older man its like a thrill for a young girl. I just dont think those girls knew what they were getting into once things started to go far and they were stuck. R Kelly has remained kind of quiet..I wonder how he feels. – #McFatWasHere

One thought on “#SurvivingRKelly Review by Jalisa McFat”

  1. I wondered the same thing about the producer’s reason for putting it out now, unless they’ve been sitting on it and thought this might be the perfect time with the Me Too movement going on.

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