Did The Migos steal Walk It Talk it from Durham, NC artist M.O.S.? Listen for yourself and decide…

Listen here ⬇️


The caption under the youtube video says released in 2008. 🤔

“According to TMZ, the Atlanta rap group is being sued by Leander C. Pickett, who performs as M.O.S. or DJ Folk, for ripping off a song he released ten years ago. The information presented in the lawsuit seemingly points to the Migos’ version being more of a cover than an original song as the choruses are nearly identical. M.O.S. released “Walk It Like I Talk It” in 2008 on a mixtape after recording it the year prior and when listening to both tracks, you can’t deny the similarities. Pickett says he realized in January 2018 that the Migos had a song with an extremely similar title before listening and realizing they had used a “substantial portion” of his version.

Pickett has filed a lawsuit against Migos and Capitol Records, asking for money since he believes they stole one of his works. According to the publication, he filed for a copyright on his version after Migos had released “Walk It Talk It” in March 2018. We’ll keep you posted on any updates.”

Below: Migos feat Drake – Walk It Talk It (Audio)


-source hotnewhiphop, tmz

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