#McFactz: #BillboardNews #PrayForFSU #BillCosbyUpdate


Billboard will now start counting streams for their album chart! Welcome to a new era of music! Digital is the new “it,” The Billboard 200 chart has been the official spot for weekly album rankings in the United States since 1956. In 1991, Billboard magazine listed the top selling LP’s in the country based on the Nielson SoundScan sales numbers. Billboard and the New York Times reports SoundScan will start adding streaming numbers to the total of album sales. This shift in music comes from the decline of purchasing albums in store it seems. Every 1,500 streams on Spotify, Beats Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, and Google Play will now equal 1 album sale. Ten downloads of individual tracks will equal one album. The new chart will be published online on December 4th.


This morning November 20th 2014 a gunman opened fire at Florida State University. Three students were wounded and the gunman was killed in a shootout with the police. Students heard gunshots after midnight while studying in the library and took cover. A student was grazed with a bullet and treated on the scene and two others suffered from being shot. The school is open today but classes are cancelled.


As allegations of rape continue to pile up against Bill Cosby things have started going left. NBC has pulled the plug on a family sitcom that was in production for Cosby to star in. Also TV land has discontinued showing reruns of The Cosby Show, and Netflix has postponed premiering “Bill Cosby 77” which is a stand up comedy special about marriage, relationships, and children. Do you think Cosby should be punished?


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