#McFactz: #DwightHoward Is Under Criminal #Investigation


Dwight Howard of the #HoustonRockets is facing a criminal investigation in Georgia for allegations that he abused his six-year-old son. Howard allegedly admitted he hit his son with a belt. Reports say that Georgia’s Cobb County Police Department opened a case after Howard was cleared of any wrong doing by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in Florida. The DCF ruled there was not enough evidence of any #childabuse. The whipping took place in Georgia, not Florida. Howard’s legal team says the entire ordeal is orchestrated by the mother of the child #BasketballWives star #RoyceReed. Royce and Howard have been going through a public custody battle for their son. Howard won a defamation lawsuit over Reed because she violated a court order which prevented her from speaking about #DwightHoward in the media. Hopefully thing get worked out for the better!


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