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Well folks the NBA’s MVP Kevin Durant is going to be out for about two months with a “Jones fracture’ and because it is a stress injury it has happened over time. Over the last five seasons Durant has only missed six games. The injury is the most common surgical procedure on NBA players. The injury is said to be something Durant could play through but the right move would be to stay off the court until healed.


Honey Snoop Dogg got on Instagram and shaded Iggy Azalea! Recently Iggy Iggs was spotted out and about without makeup. Snoop posted the above picture on his Instagram account. Iggy responded by saying she is disappointed in Snoop for being and ass when he actually has been nice to her before and her body guard stopped a fire truck that saved his friends life in Canada. Iggy then deleted the tweets. Snoop heard about Iggy’s response, posted a picture of a blog headline about their “beef” and simply said “This is news to me. I wish a bitch would !! Hahahahahahahahah.” Seems like Snoop feels no remorse and I’m sure Iggy is not ready for that hand and manicure set trip. Why so serious? OKAY?!


Real Housewife of Atlanta recently spoke at Chicago’s Ultimate Women’s Expo and used that time to speak against abusive relationships and domestic violence. Nene shared personal details about her own experiences and spoke on a relationship she was once in. She says “He hit me. He sexually abused me. We physically fought.” Nene also explained how her strength comes from her harsh past. 

For more info, video, and pictures on each story visit Soul92Jams.com and click through those headlines!! 


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