#UpcomingMixtape: #TYOTU #TheYearOfTheUnderdawgs (@DJTwistaRunEmUp @IllestDjs @Swagga_RunEmUp @MajorBandz_100)


Cover Art – DJ Blaze Burna

Run Em Up Cluch Gang, Dj Twista, and Illest DJ’s dropped the artwork last night for T.Y.O.T.U. The Year Of The Underdawgs which is due to drop June 25th! The mixtape was based on underdogs working, grinding, and putting in work. The project is really for people on the come up! The mixtape will be hosted by Run Em Up Clutch Gang’s own Swagga Run Em Up and Major Bandz. Features will include artists like Fast Life Kurt, Premo, Chris Millz, Kold Kase, Young Money Yawn and others you would not expect. Wait on it, it’s coming!


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