Beyonce feat. Frank Ocean – Superpower (Official Video)

You just have to watch and study the video to figure it out and come up with your own ideas and opinions.



Yo Gotti Still Pushing Heat To The Street



If you haven’t heard of Yo Gotti you probably live under a rock. Always looking very clean in one of his signature looks, his album I AM is respected by many. Still not fully commercialized Yo Gotti still makes big bank off of show money. Sometimes you don’t have to sell out to cash out. Maybe some artists in the industry should take a few notes, and while they do that maybe Yo Gotti can take notes on how to sell more records! Could he come harder this year?


Jhene Aiko – The Vapors Stay Ready


If you really know Miss Aiko then you would know her music has been around since the B2K days. Back in the day Jhene was promoted as the cousin of Lil Fizz to gain exposure. Didn’t really work but you see her shining now. With songs with Drake, Ab-Soul, Kendrick Lamar and other hot entertainers featuring her she has a promising future.

Now signed to Def Jam, the soft voiced LA California girl is taking off. What’s your favorite song?


More SQUASHED BEEF! Rick Ross reveals MASTERMIND artwork


Seems like squashing beef is the way to go..or is it? Anyway Rick Ross and Young Jeezy have ended their issues and have music ready to go! March 4th is the release date for Ross’s next project Mastermind. The MMG boss still receives criticism from some but he still flourishes in the music industry.

“War Ready” featuring The Snowman is highly anticipated despite the raised eyebrow this collaboration is receiving already. I’m sure great things will come from this project.


SQUASHED BEEF! NEW MUSIC! Dj Kay Slay feat. 50 Cent & Fat Joe – Free Again


NEW YORK CITY! Now this might not be what everybody wants to hear, but its different from the same ol’ same ol’, you can’t knock that. You thought it was over for the sound but don’t forget where Hip Hop Mecca is! The south has had reign over radio waves with the party scene for a while but you need balance in this industry. Looks like the North side is creeping back regaining power strategically. Everything isn’t one big party! Get back to talking that real on record! Not just dreads swinging and turning up every few bars! Exercise real lyrical talent and story telling!

With a squashed beef behind them 50 cent and Fat Joe get back to that grit and grime taking shots and never true New Yorkers! Cocky and confident..but is the first take strong enough? Was this just a lure to get you pulled into what has been cooking up? You never know what the next move is. Im sure you didn’t see this coming! What next?


New Music: Jennifer Lopez – Girls


PUERTO RICAN PRINCESS? PUERTO RICAN QUEEN?! Jenny from the block is back on the scene with DJ Mustard. Also on American Idol now its clear the bootylicious Latina isn’t going anywhere! I miss those “On The 6” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” days ..Mami was booming! Check her history!

Holding the title for the first Latina actress to get paid over a million per movie as well as the first artist to have a number one movie and album in the same week! Shout out to the Bronx, NY queen!

Check out some oldies but goodies ..