There’s STILL something about REMY..


Hopefully soon to be released from prison in 2014, Reminisce Smith aka Remy Ma will be back with more bars than ever. Her first album There’s Something About Remy was not received well but produced good sound for a platform.

Reminisce with me..remember these songs?



Say Hello To The New Bieber..



Despite the bad press Justin Bieber has been receiving this new track is IT! With a feature from Chance the Rapper who’s Acid Rap project was AMAZING you can’t go wrong with this song! Nothing but love! It give you a smooth feel while still being slick. Much love to Justin Bieber and his future! He’s gonna get past the negativity and proceed to be one of the greatest!

McFact: Verse Simmonds wrote this song and was my first interview as a guest on Soul.92 Jams!