New Video: Rich Homie Quan – Party

This video made me really want to go to a party. The girl with the microphone had me laughing though! Check it out!



Keyshia Cole Drama!

Chile you might need to sip this tea SLOW because it is HOT! Always remember there are three sides to a story. Your side, their side, and the TRUTH!


Hold up! Wait a minute! Yesterdays drama was a little too much don’t you think? I know some of you had your popcorn. Anyway if you don’t know what happened on twitter yesterday do some homework. I’m not serving shade! 

Keyshia Cole completely aired out her spouse on twitter. Apparently things have been going on she does not agree with. Now, no shade no tea, but Keyshia didn’t even have to respond but I can understand why. You don’t mess with Oakland, California okay? I wont give the other party much shine because a marriage is involved here.

Now people have been speculating what has been going on but you wont really ever know the FACTS of the matter unless you get an interview with Oprah or Barbara Walters! Keyshia is a great artist with MORE than one platinum album under her belt. Although she might have a few issues at hand, I’m sure she will come out swinging in the end and that’s just The Way It Is.

Stay Strong Keyshia!




Can You Still Solve For X? (Write up/Playlist)


Some of the greatest things in life are misunderstood

“..And if you never met me/then you’ve no right to judge me/I’ve got a good heart but this heart can get ugly” – DMX

DMX also known as Earl Simmons is a New York rapper who was born in my hometown of Mount Vernon, NY and raised in Yonkers, NY. He is 43 years old.

Today his name is swirling with reports of a Celebrity Boxing match involving George Zimmerman. Today also is what would have been Treyvon Martin’s 19th birthday. I am pretty sure you know the nature of the case. Now,  I know the slander X receives for his personal life along with the choices he has made. Who are we to judge? I happen to know people who do know him and personally I have heard he’s not as bad as people make him to be.

Do you not remember the vicious X? With a voice that can express significant aggression on a track, yet still pull off the best prayers, please believe you know that growl and bark when you hear him!

I put together a playlist of a few songs. Some you might remember, some might not be as popular. They were all still chosen with good reason! Pay attention.